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3 startups that will help you get a job

by Adrien Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016

Are you tired of applying to offers that do not really match your profile? Are you tired of writing your 100th cover letter? Are you tired to take another interview one hour from your home for a company that you don’t really want to work for? Fortunately, now there are innovative services that allow you to apply differently. We have selected 3 startups that disrupt the recruiting industry!

  1. Hired

Founded in 2012, Hired introduce itself as a marketplace for the "skilled" jobs. All you have to do is to register on the website and answer several questions on the platform. You are then offered opportunities from companies looking for candidates. Facebook, Evernote, Uber, and Groupon have used Hired to recruit.

The platform is free for candidates and you can get a £500 bonus if you find a job.

  1. TalentBin by Monster

TalentBin® by Monster is a powerful aggregator that allows to identify, contact and recruit the best IT talents, wherever they are, by analyzing the large amount of information and lines of code that these professionals share on the public web (contributions to blogs, forums, tweets ...)

The tool is constantly updating this information and returns it under the form of rich and comprehensive professional profiles, offering multiple contact options.

You don’t have to do anything TalentBin will find you (or not)!

  1. Debut

Debut is a native mobile app that as for sole purpose to connect students with graduate scheme, internship and job opportunities in their field.

So how does it work? Employers can search through a database of potential candidates. The startup also allows employers to create competitions under the form of employer-sponsored game that can lead to graduate scheme or internships.

You can start using the service by downloading the app. Then update your profile (make sure to complete all the fields so that employers can easily find you). After that you can start looking for opportunities!

Companies like Capgemini, Credit Suisse, Dyson, and EE mobile are using Debut to hire.

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