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4 common job interview mistakes (and how to avoid them)

by Ophely Nhem, Updated November 14, 2016

Here we are, you just got a call to set up an interview for your dream job! But it’s just the beginning of the process and you might have several rounds with various managers. Don’t miss your chance and definitively avoid the following common job interview mistakes.


#1 Turning up late (without notice)

The day before your meeting, don’t forget to check your journey on Google Maps, Citymapper or any other transport app. And take your time! Make sure to have at least 30 extra minutes - you never know how the traffic will be. If for some reasons you’re running late, call your interviewer and apologise (but not too much) when you arrive.


#2 Forgetting to do your homework

Every interviewer can tell you about nightmare interviews where the applicant didn’t know anything about the job or the company. It’s an interview crasher and you can’t hide it. Here’s a checklist of what you should look at before your interview - before right? Not in the waiting room 5 minutes before your meeting:

  • Know the job description: Recruiters tailored the mission regarding their need. One sentence. Nothing is fluffy, every single word matters. So if you don’t get one aspect of the mission, make researches. Interviewers are trained to spot what you don’t know. Even if you are inexperienced, you need to know the theory. And it will show the recruiter your ability to solve problems on your own.

  • Know everything about the company: You need to know everything about the company’s recent public activities. Don’t let the recruiter waste its time to explain you what you should know. And you’ll have more time to show your interest in joining the company. You should look at: their website, Blog, recent media coverage.

  • Bonus tip - be specific: If you want to be the perfect applicant, go further on the area you’re applying for. i.e. if you’re applying for a community manager position, get to know the company social media profiles, their editorial line, their strategy… and prepare feedback. It will show the recruiter how you’ll bring value to the company.


#3 Lying

OK, you admit it, you were not the Marketing Manager during your 1st internship as written on your CV. Well, if you cannot defend the job title, you can still pray the recruiter doesn’t ask during the interview. This should never happen. Never lie about your experience. You can make it sound nicer, but you cannot create fake jobs. At some point, every interviewer will undercover your lie.


#4 Not asking questions

It’s almost the end of the interview, you’re happy about how it went. The recruiter is smiling at you and asks you if you have any questions. You answer “No, I don’t”. You leave and in front of the building, you realise you have no idea of the next steps. That’s actually a test for recruiters: they challenge your curiosity and your organisation with this innocent question. To avoid this mistake, write down your questions before the interview.


At the next level, remember that the interview should be a conversation where you ask your questions all along the meeting. And it can last, if the interviewer is interested in you. So don’t plan another meeting right after.

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