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4 tools you need to grow your Instagram account

by Ophely Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016

Instagram is a very powerful tool to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and sales with your audience. But, before spending time and resources on it, the first step is to wonder “Is Instagram the appropriate network for me or my business?”. If your audience is not on Instagram, if your brand can’t produce attractive pictures, if you don’t have time to spend during the next month, then, don’t lose your time on Instagram and choose another social network - it’s totally fine.

If you decide to use Instagram as a digital marketing tool, you should know which tools can help optimise your time.


#1 Create great visuals

For Instagram, we recommend you to use Typorama. With Typorama, you can quickly create quotes. You can find appropriate pictures based on keywords, easily add your watermark and directly share on Instagram.


#2 Writing a caption

Instagram is a matter of pictures. But if your audience can’t find you, it doesn’t matter whether your visual was beautiful or not. To be found, you need to use hashtags. Tagomatic enables you to find the appropriate hashtags related to your post.


#3 Best time to post

The first step to find the best time to post is to post pictures each hour for a week. Then, access Squarelovin and it will show you when is the best time to post. Once done, you can use Hootsuite to plan your posts each week.


#4 Audience engagement

Sometimes, it can be hard to organically grow your audience. So you need a boost. And here comes Instagress. Careful though, if you're a beginner on Instagram and use it too much, you might get banned. Instagress enables you to automate likes, comments and follows. So use it wisely.


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