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8 secrets to get a perfect Linkedin profile picture

by Adrien Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016

On LinkedIn, you must earn the trust of those who visit your profile. Having a professional photo is part of the elements that make others want to connect to you, and to meet you. A Linkedin profile without a photo is one of the gravest errors on Linkedin. Indeed, when searching for a flat or a house on the internet, isn’t it suspicious when there is no pictures? On LinkedIn, your profile is seven times more likely to be watched if you upload a picture.

What are the criteria for a successful LinkedIn profile picture?

1) You have to be alone on the picture!

When i say you have to be alone on the picture, you really have to be alone! There must be nobody next to you or behind you (even if the background is blurred) nor the arms of your beloved around your neck! No pets, no spouse, no kids! You have to be alone on the picture!

2)  A picture, not an avatar!

You should avoid uploading an avatar unless you are applying for a creative position. On a professional social network, we will not talk to an avatar, we want to know to whom we speak! Linkedin is a professional network, so be professional!

3) A professional attire!

Use the industry dress code. Have an outfit that shows that you exercise your profession seriously. Read this article about the different dress codes

4) The background

The background should preferably be neutral: white, off-white, gray, black, blue. For example, avoid the bed or the study desk behind you, unless it is related to your activity.

5) The location

No vacation photos, neither the sea, nor in the mountains!

6) A recent picture

No need to put a photo that does not look like you. The idea is to appear authentic, true, as you are professional!

7) Good lighting

Lighting should be sufficient for the well-lit face. Check that the flash does not produce a shadow behind you!

8) The look

The idea is to look toward the photographer's lens, without wrinkling your forehead or your eyes. In the end it's like you look in the eye the person visiting your profile.

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