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How to build a challenge on Workshopr

by Adrien Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016

So you want to build a project using the Workshopr Challenge Builder? This tutorial will help walk you through the process. 

Getting Started

To get started building, go to Workshopr and log in to your company account.

Here you can see all of the challenges you own and you can interact with them. If you visit the dashboard for the first time, you will see a box with 3 challenge templates. Now click the "+ Challenge" button in the top right to start building.

Workshopr Challenge Builder

Start building

Now you're in the Challenge Builder itself.

On the right-hand side, you've got your main form. The first thing you’ll want to do is fill the basic information about your company under “About You”. We’ve added several fields. The fields that have a “*” next to the label are compulsory, but you should fill in as many fields as you can in order to attract more students.  

Define your challenge

This is where the magic happens. In this section you’ll have to enter the title of your challenge and this is the first thing that students will see. By having a catchy title you increase your chances by 15% to attract more students. Then you have to select the “related course” from the dropdown menu. We’ve included a link pointing at all the course In case you don’t know what course to select. The next step is to enter the goals of your challenge, which means what do you want to achieve? Then we have the two more important fields: the short description and the long description. You should aim at having a 100 characters description. Finally fill in the long description. From there you can detail as much as you want your challenge.


You should have successfully created your challenge! Students will be able to join it once it is approved by our challenge team. To view it, go back to the main dashboard page (by clicking the link “My Challenges” on the left-hand side menu ).

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