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How to find a job with Twitter

by Adrien Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016

Even though Twitter is limited to 140 characters, Twitter allows users to do many things, like finding a job. According to a study conducted by Linkfluence and Randstad in 2015, 15% to 20% of jobs advertised on the internet are shared on Twitter. In other words, you will have to be alert to the opportunities published by following the social media accounts of recruitment companies and the companies you target. It is also important to follow the key stakeholders of a company -especially for startups- where founders are sometimes in charge of the communication.


Before you contact a company on Twitter, I want to show you the best way to do it.


Clean up your Twitter profile


Before initiating the discussions, you have to make sure that your profile is complete and include only relevant information. Your biography should introduce you succinctly and with a touch of originality. Don’t be too extravagant unless the job requires you to be. Your profile picture should be professional. Here is a good example that I found on Twitter when searching for “Looking for opportunities”. You will notice that he could have added a link to his Linkedin profile instead of his Instagram account.


clean twitter profile


Share content to get noticed  

When a recruiter will check your Twitter profile he will also check your latest tweets. You want to make sure that your Twitter timeline includes tweets that prove your interest for the industry you target, otherwise why would you apply through a channel that you never use?  


Here is some type of content you can share:


  • Industry news: you can find them on blogs or online media.

  • Retweet industry news: follow industry influencers. You can find them by using

  • Answer industry questions: find questions by searching for keywords.


Take advantage of popular hashtags that recruiters use  

Here is the top 6 hashtags you can monitor:


  • #hiring

  • #tweetmyjobs

  • #HR

  • #jobopening

  • #graduatejobs

  • #NowHiring


These are general hashtags used by recruiters. You should also look for industry specific hashtags. You can also filter by location. You should read this article for more hashtags.


clean twitter profile





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