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How to make recruiters notice you on Linkedin

by Ophely Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016

Who’s never heard “A recruiter got in touch with me on Linkedin to offer me my dream job!”? As a student or a young graduate, you can think that a lot of work experience is needed to be noticed, that headhunting is for high positions, but guess what? 94% of recruiters use Linkedin to source candidates! 

Occasional Linkedin users might think that it’s impossible to get headhunted for an internship, a sandwich course or a junior position, but with the right profile, it can happen. You’re not the only one struggling with job searches, it’s also hard for recruiters to find qualified candidates. So check out those tips to land your dream job!


#1 Get an all-star profile

The first step is to complete 100% of your profile. Recruiters are searching candidates with very specific criteria. If one of your fields is empty, you won’t appear in the results. You MUST at least:

  • Have a profile picture: most of the recruiters will pass your profile if they can’t put a face on the name. They’re human, they need to feel connected.
  • Detail your work experience: a lot of Linkedin users just specify the dates and the job titles. Recruiters want to know more about your job description and your main achievements.
  • Write down a summary: it’s your opportunity to justify your curriculum and explain what are your expectations for the future. Pro tip: you can add keywords related to your dream job here, to appear in recruiters searches.
  • If you’re actively looking for a new position, write it in your headline “Looking for…"
  • Add the industry you’re looking for a job in.
  • Add your geographical position.
  • Ask for recommendations from your previous employers: recruiters are looking for top notch candidates and feel more secure by searching only candidates with a minimum number of recommendations. 

And finally, follow Linkedin’s recommendations to boost your profile and reach the all star profile. They want you to reach the perfect profile, so let them help you land your dream job :)


#2 Get connections 

The more you’re connected, the more you have a chance to be a 2nd or 3rd degree relation for the recruiter and appear in the first pages of his search list. So take the time to add all the people you’ve been working with, add your classmates, add your friends. If you can reach the 500+ connections, that’s a must, because with less, some recruiters may think your network is weak.

Another tip is to join industry groups. It’s another way to be connected to recruiters and appear at the top of their list - and it’s a good way to engage with potential recruiters if you’re active on them! For example, if you’re looking for a marketing position, search in the Linkedin advanced search tool “Marketing” and tick “Group”. You’ll find hundreds of interesting circles.


#3 Keep your profile alive

Finally, Linkedin is not just an online CV, it’s a professional social network to engage with your connections. So don’t let your profile die and engage with your relations. Post articles that you liked (related to the job you’re looking for) and like & comment others posts. You never know, maybe the recruiter is already part of your network!


Worried because you have no work experience?

We can help. By taking one of our Workshops, you’ll enrich your CV by learning industry standard skills and apply them on a company’s project. 





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