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New job? Impress your boss before day one

by Ophely Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016


Here we are, you just got your very first job. Congrats! But now, you don’t want to blow it up. Even more, you want to nail it and become super successful. You’re already dreaming about the next steps within the company - or outside the company. So to make this dream become true, you need to be noticed by your management from the beginning.


#1 Be ready

Your job starts next Monday, we are already Thursday. So get ready. Send an email to your new boss asking for: When should you arrive at the office Do you need to send administrative documents Are there any documents / pieces of content you should read to get to know more about the company before starting This will demonstrate your organisation and your goodwill to make things right.



#2 Ask as much questions as you can

Most of the time, you’ll go through an onboarding process for 1 or 2 weeks - meaning you’ll have a lot of training sessions. So don’t fall asleep on your chair while the trainer is speaking, be active. Take notes, ask questions as soon as something is unclear. You’re not a student anymore and people are not going to test you to make sure you’ve understood everything. It’s up to you to acquire the knowledge taught.



#3 Always think better

During this onboarding process, you will be taught about the company’s organisation and about how to do your job. Don’t assume everything is perfect and try to bring value to the company from your past experiences or readings. Always wonder: is it really necessary? Can it be improved? And do not hesitate to ask why things are done in a certain way. You would be surprised to see that most of the time, your colleagues don’t know. Welcoming new employees is a great opportunity for a company to improve processes and make things in a better way.



#4 Ask for tasks

Well, we’ve just said that during your first weeks, your management won’t expect anything from you except getting ready to start latter. Show your interest in your new job and ask for tasks you can achieve or suggest things you can do. It will be as beneficial for your boss as you. You’ll see!


If you apply those tips, you can be sure that your management will notice you and your potential. Any further questions or recommendations? Get in touch via email Good luck!


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