Social Media Challenge

Social Media Challenge 2: Create a one-week social media calendar

by Adrien Nhem, Updated October 30, 2016


What is a social media calendar

A social media calendar includes all of the social media messaging you’ll be using to promote your content, organized by date and time. Even though you cannot plan social media engagement, you can plan your social media promotion. And that’s why the social media content calendar comes in handy.


Benefits of a social media calendar

There are hundreds of good blog posts about why you should have your own social media content calendar. You should read this article from Hootsuite.


Step 1: Analysing the publications of [company].

  • Identify the top 5 publications for each social media channel over the past month.

  • Report the key metrics for the top publications.
  • Define the most performing format for each social media.


Step 2: Gathering all the available content.

  • Find content related to [company] by using Google. (less than 1-2 week old)
  • Gather content from [company] blog.


Step 3: Create the social media calendar

Fill in the following social media content calendar for each social media channel for one week.

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