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Social Media Challenge 3: Industry, Competitors, Experts Analysis

by Adrien Nhem, Updated October 9, 2016

What is the ICE analysis?

Each letter represents one variable we want to understand. I just came up with this acronym so don’t look on the internet you’re not gonna find anything about it. “I” stands for industry. We’re going to figure out what keywords people use. It’s really important because it will have an effect on the company's content strategy. What about C? C stands for competition, we’re going to spy on the company's competitors because we want to know what they’re doing on social,... and also because we want to know how they do it. (second number on the slide). Can you guess what the letter E stands for? It stands for experts. We call them experts because they have the expertise in one domain. Most of the people will call them influencers. It’s the same thing. So you should care about influencers because they share great quality content, and you may want to use it at some point. So we’re gonna figure out who you should care about.

At the end of the day, why do you want to analyse the industry, monitor your competition, and identify influencers? It’s because that’s a pretty good strategy to gain insights about what’s happening and also it will help you find out what content works best with your audience. So It will serve you as a baseline to build your content calendar.


  • Automate the finding of people interested in your products or services.
  • Monitor your key competitors.
  • Improve your content.
  • Engage with influencers.

The deliverable should be a pdf + a Hootsuite dashboard


  • Create a Twitter account
  • Create a Free Hootsuite account

Step 1: Industry Analysis

  • Identify relevant keywords for [company] industry with Nexalogy
  • Create advanced search streams with the keywords

Step 2: Competitor Analysis

  • Identify the top 5 competitors on Twitter
  • Report key information: posting frequency, top hashtags, top keywords, top performing tweets, activity breakdown.
  • Create advanced search streams to monitor these competitors.

Step 3: Influencer Analysis

  • Identify influencers for [company name]
  • Add these influencers to a Twitter list

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