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Have you ever got stuck launching a project because you lacked of resources or expertise? Guess what? Meanwhile, many students crave real-world to develop their professional experience. We offer the possibility to turn your projects into reality.

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Testimony pic 3 c79f4c5325cce4325d84f6348f1d917f78c01d892dc2878777d3945d96906ba9 "We were struggling promoting our brand before meeting Workshopr's students!"
- Steph, Founder of Incredibly
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Who solves challenges

Our community is mainly composed by students from top-notch business schools and universities. it also includes highly motivated people willing to expand their knowledge. In both case, they want to get professional experience to land their dream job.

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Testimony pic 4 19550cffc9ab9aeeace80ebf80df704f459692834264c5f805ea0d9fd2d53a71 "the social media students advised us on launching our social media accounts!"
- Ross, Co-founder of

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Challenge?

A challenge is a short mission aimed at helping a company solve a problem. After a student has succesfully completed a course, he or she can join challenges and submit recommendations to the companies.

What type of Challenge can I post?

At the moment we only accept challenges related to the learning outcomes of our Workshop Social Media.

Here are some templates you can use:

Challenge 1 - Run a social media audit
Challenge 2 - Create a social media calendar
Challenge 3 - Perform an ICE analysis

How long does it take to post a challenge?

It usually takes under 30 minutes to publish a Challenge on our platform. However, it can vary depending on the nature of your activity and the maturity of your business.

If you don't want to do it yourself, contact Company Support and we will do it for you

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's completely FREE

Sign up and start publishing challenges now. It's completely free!

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