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Adrien Nhem

Adrien is the CEO and co-founder of Workshopr. He is also a Social Media Coach. He's been working with the most widely used social media platform Hootsuite on helping users achieving their goals. He trains the next generation of social media managers in his spare time. He also gives talks at TEDx, and Universities.

1. Learn

About the course

Start selling on social media is an online education program dedicated to teach the big picture when you work on social media. You’ll learn the process to focus on when it comes to activate social media marketing and selling. Also, you’ll have access to a series of tactics and hacks to master Hootsuite and other social media software.

Who is it for?

  • Students who want to learn real practical skills in digital marketing
  • Marketers looking to sell on social media
  • Promotion seekers 
  • Bloggers, vloggers, influencers, growth hackers

What you will get?

  • 31 practical videos
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • An unlimited access to the course
  • An access to our alumni database

What you will learn?

  • The process to run a social media audit
  • How to create a social media strategy
  • How to optimise your social media profiles to grow quicker
  • How to build a content calendar
  • How to monitor, curate, plan & analysis your social media on Hootsuite


Introduction to this course0:40 minutes

    Welcome 0:40

    Welcome to Workshop social media! Is this Workshop right for you? If you want to work in digital marketing, probably!

    What we'll be making 0:40

    All you need to know about this course, how this course is setup, and how to get the most out of this class

Run a social media audit & optimisation minutes

    Running a social media audit 2:10

    Let's start with the beginning: with understanding the current stage of the company's social media accounts ; and with the techniques you have to use. Plus an example of Herschel.

    Start small, learn, and then do more 2:04

    People easily give up on social media when they try to do to much. So let's talk about the importance of choosing the right social networks.

    Optimise your Twitter profile 1:56

    This lesson covers how to improve a Twitter profile. Having a well built profile will not only increase your engagement but also increase traffic to your website.

    Optimise your Linkedin company page 1:09

    Bear in mind that when you launch your website it may not be directly indexed in Google and therefore your Linkedin profile may rank higher if optimised.

    Optimise your Facebook company pages 1:43

    Facebook profiles includes way more customisable settings than any other social network. But what is relevant for you?

    Create amazing designs with Canva 2: 29

    How to create designs that will impress your following? One of the most common tools for design creation is the elegant Canva

Set up a free Hootsuite Account minutes

    Create a free Hootsuite account 0:57

    Hootsuite is a social relationship platform.

    Synchronise your social media accounts 4:46

    After creating your Hootsuite account you need to synchronise your social media accounts with the platform. Some tips about the Hootsuite dashboard.

The ICE Analysis minutes

    So, what's the ICE framework? 1:49

    ICE? Yeah you're right it stands for Industry, Competitors, and Experts. We're going to analyse and monitor those 3 aspects in this section.

    Get insights from the industry 4:44

    To be successful on social media, you need to understand what keywords your audience resonates with. And Nexalogy makes it easier.

    Industry: drive sales by monitoring keywords 4:59

    After identifying the relevant keywords, you need to monitor those keywords with Hootsuite basic search streams.

    Bonus: get a special hashtag for special occasions 3:11

    Manage your marketing events with a particular hashtag

    Competitors: Spy on your competitors part 1 4:00

    Now it's time to focus on your competitors. You will be able to identify their top hashtags, the posting frequency, the people they talk to, etc...

    Competitors: Spy on your competitors Part 2 4:08

    Let's go a bit farther and by setting up advanced search streams with Hootsuite

    Practice: monitor competitors on Facebook 0:39

    Now it's your turn to monitor your competitors on Facebook.

    What are influencers and how to identify them? 3:19

    One more step: identify industry experts with followerwonk

    Have access to what influencers say 1:22

    It's easy to monitor influencers by using Twitter lists! And guess what?... This is the end of the section!

Create the perfect social media content calendar minutes

    What is a content calendar? 0:43

    A social media calendar includes all of the social media messaging you’ll be using to promote your content, organized by date and time

    The different types of content 2:59

    There are 5 types of content that you can leverage: the original content, the co-created content, the curated content, the sponsored content, and the consumer generated content.

    411 2:25

    For every one self-serving tweet, you should re-tweet one relevant tweet and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.

    Find great content on social media 4:48

    What is content curation? It’s the art of finding the best material that you can share with your audience. The material has to create value for them.

    When is the best time to post? 3:27

    If you share your content when your users are active on social not only you’ll gain more engagement on your publications but you will also increase traffic to your website.

Publish & schedule your posts minutes

    Always stay one step ahead! 4:12

    How to post even when you are on holidays? Well you can schedule your post in advance and no one will even notice you were away!

Measure your Return on Investment minutes

    Track your posts with UTM parameters 4:31

    utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, what??

    It's time to measure your social media efforts! 3:28

    How much did I grow my community VS. how much revenue did I generate?

    The power of Google Analytics 5:53

    This is the most powerful and useful tool for social media analytics. After this lesson you'll now where to look!

Save time with social media automation minutes

    Cooking recipes with IFTTT 4:18

    If This Then That... Cook time saving recipes with IFTTT.

    My favorite recipes and how it will save you time! 5:03

    We conclude this last section with my favorite recipes! But only the ones that are safe to use for your social media accounts.

Conclusion minutes

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! 0:32

    BOOOOOOMMMMMM.... Congratulations you nailed it!

2. Practice

Today, companies are looking for experienced talents. At Workshopr, we believe that to acquire competences, you need to practice. After completing your online course, you’ll have access to a list of 1-week practical challenges provided by companies. You pick up one you’re interested in and let’s go!

Why do I need a challenge?

  • Companies are looking for work experiences to demonstrate skills
  • You’ll get to know what it is to work as a social media rockstar within a company

How do I practice?

  • You pick a challenge
  • Your company briefes you
  • After a week, you present your project to your company

What will I practice?

  • Run a social media audit
  • Build a social media benchmark
  • Create a content calendar

That's what you could do!

3. Hired

Well done! You’re ready to get hired!

You’ll join our Alumni community

Companies that provide projects and work with students have access to our students database to find the best profiles.